Music is the language without borders. Till date, this borderless language has headed from Western world to Nepal. Though Nepali musical instruments can be tuned to world class rhythm, it has rarely been played for global audience. Instead, it has shrunk with time because of lesser acquaintance with younger generation. Youngsters are relating their identity with guitar and keyboard but not with Madal and Sarangi. Ironically, neither government nor the social leaders have taken significant step to connect youth segment with original music of Nepal.


Deepak Bajracharya was born to a traditional Newar Buddhist family in Patan, Lalitpur. He grew up listening to the sound of Dhimey and Dhaa: but only in religious occasions and events. For him, the sounds of these traditional instruments were never the real music but just necessary sounds to symbolize cultural presence. He began to identify himself with Jazz, Blues and Rock. He transformed his get up to long hair, rocker tees, a guitar and started performing western tunes. In fact, he did too well and established as one of the most successful pop singer of his generation. It was a time when Nepali music industry was going through pivotal transformation phases where only few could survive. For his best capacity, Deepak rooted a strong foothold in Nepali music history and his legacy still continues.


During an international musical tour few years back, Deepak was awaken a comment from a foreign audience. Though the language is different, he felt the songs by Deepak were similar to his own ones. For him, there was no originality and extraordinary taste in that Nepali concert.  This simple thought was well enough for Deepak to give serious thoughts on his whole existence. With time, he starting seeing his own Nepali instruments aligned with his idea of music. His study deepened and after half decade of consulting, discussing, traveling and experimenting, the concept of Crème of Rhythm came into existence. Stars will rise and fall but the only way to live forever is give something worthy to the world. Deepak and his band are in mission with this thought as their wheels towards new dawn of Nepali music.  They hope to bring Nepali musical instruments and mix them with Western music to bring out a distinct flavor which shall be the new face of Nepali music. This will be music of heart beat of young generation and the smiles of senior ones too. Crème of Rhythm shall be the soul of new Nepali music.