Petroleum products, water, electricity are the few that we can mention while speaking of crisis. The actual arena of crisis is uncountable and in the current scenario, it increases people after people. And in this huge sea, the music industry is also facing some harsh waves.
The industry has to surpass piracy, face the burden of the huge investment, tackle through crude distribution channel, and bear the insufficiency of royalty and income. Moreover, the new artists have to pursue their career as a hobby by investing on it without any expectation of return. The agony is endless.
Trying to break this vicious tradition, we have introduced a project – “ABHAV KO PRABHAV”. This project advocates Creativity and believes that creation cannot be barred by anything. We have made YouTube and other social networking sites, our medium to bring over the creation directly to the audience without any concern with the investment and return. It is a modest revolt against every crisis and a way to flourish the industry. It is an open platform and anyone can join.