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From Atlanta, London to Pokhara

Deepak Bajracharya, who is getting ready for his concert in Pokhara, is currently refreshing his memories from his past year long concert in United States and England. The venue of the concert is located right beside the famous “Fewa Lake.” The concert is being organized by “Bag Piper.” Deepak will be presenting himself in a different appearance along with his experience from his past tours.

What experience did Deepak, who has had 15 long years of experience in the music industry, bring back to the home country. “Their love towards their country touched my heart very much,” says Deepak. Deepak shared his experience during one of his concert tours in Washington DC. Deepak was singing “Jati Dukha bhaye pani aafnai desh ramro”, when a resident Nepali approached him and said that the song gave him a feeling that he was in Nepal right now. Meeting the Nepali who had tears in his eyes while he said that was one of the most astonishing experience in his life.
“The rumors of Nepali people living outside of Nepal that we have been hearing are untrue. Even people who have lived outside Nepal for more than 2 decades have the same culture and unmatched love for their country,” says Deepak. Deepak had initially agreed for a concert tour to United states for one of the major Nepali conferences, ANA. But seeing the love for Nepalese music and culture in all Nepalese residing in the United States, he began his concert tours with cities like Atlanta, Colorado, New York, Dallas, Nebraska and dozens of other American cities. Finally, his tour brought him to London.
He also had a pleasure of performing with couple of American and European artists, and some former Nepali artist residing now in those countries. Whenever, Deepak used to visit a city for his concerts, he used to go to recording studios to find musicians who could accompany him in the concerts. One of his concerts he was accompanied by Bob Marley’s son’s band drummer.
On one of his concerts an American musician accompanied him by playing “Sarangi”, the national musical instrument of Nepal in the song “Resham Firiri”.
Deepak who just finished up with his concert tour from London promised to provide the money earned from his concert from his Colorado tour to a charity.
How is Deepak’s concert, who is also a brand ambassador for Bagpiper going to look like after his American and European tour?


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