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Deepak’s concert in Rangasala Stadium (May 15, 2003)

From the very inception of his school days, Deepak Bajracharya never realized that he was hooked and spell bound after he started learning music. With a keen interest towards listening heavy metal and Spanish music, Deepak was already a young singer amongst his friends. He started off with 3 man band but later his band mate moved out to different cities. Deepak was the youngest sibling in his family and did not have responsibilities, so nothing else other than music interested him.

Beside his block, not far away, popular artists like Om Bikram Bista, Sunil Uprety and Harish Mathema used to perform in concerts. Listening to the artists sing and move their long hair inspired Deepak more than anything.
In the beginning, he was interested in singing English songs. He only started singing Nepali songs after a few years of his career. The crowd applauded on one of his first concerts in the city hall, where he appeared with black sunglasses and long hair. He used to love the songs of Gypsy King. Inspired with Gypsy King, he has also composed many songs. “Someday, I would like to meet Gypsy King and sing a song for him,” says Deepak Bajracharya.
In the beginning of the career, he used to sing a lot of rock songs. He said that, “I did not have any Nepali music back then and since I had to sing at least 5 songs in shows, I used to mix nepali words in to English songs and sing. That is how I came up with one of my hits, “Kali kali.” Most of the his song with James Pradhan as the composer and Deepak himself as the arranger were a hit on the chart.

Deepak had just passed his teenage when he came up with his second hit “ O Amira”. The song was number one in the charts. The audiences in the concert in Tudhikhel enjoyed and danced to his songs.After he became a popular artist in Nepal, he started getting invitation from foreign countries to perform. He performed 2 concerts in HongKong, 8 in Japan, 8 in India. He also performed in all of the 14 states in Nepal.

Deepak is now getting ready for his solo concert in the Dashrath stadium on March 24, which is also the biggest stadium in Nepal. Other musician who will be accompanying him are Amul, Amlong, Pawan, Indraman, Pujanlal, Roshan, Firoj, Riki andVicky. Depak said, “I will be singing most of my songs from my album “Asar”. Since most of my fans love rock songs, I will be singing rock songs in the beginning of the concert.” Since, the day of the concert is anti Tobacco day, the main focus of his concert will be his song “Naudau Din Dhuwama”.

Deepak has also just opened a new recording studio in Lalitpur named “Royal Tone Records”.


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