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Album after 6 years:

Artist, Deepak Bajracharya, has released a new album after 6 years.  After his last album “Jhumi Jhumi”,  Deepak has resurfaced again with his newly released 8th album “On Rush.”  Deepak stated that his new album contains a mix of rock and pop songs.

It has been almost a journey of 20 years, since the beginning of the inception of his release of his first album to his recently released album, “On Rush.”

He stated that the love and admiration from his fans is the biggest achievement that he received during these past 20 years.   “Music has been my life for past 20 years”, says Deepak.

Deepak has been on tour to different foreign nations for his previous and currently released albums.  According to Deepak, an artist’s existence in the music world is preserved by his albums, which explains his effort in releasing his new album.  He said that he has used a lot of electronic instruments in this album.

With an interest in making his new album a lot different than the later ones, Deepak has given a keen interest an focus on the technical aspects in recording.  According to Deepak, there are a lot of different albums from different artists each year, but he has a different group of fans and listeners.   Deepak initially had 14 songs selected for his new album and later on trimmed it down to best 9 songs for his album.  He believes that the selected 9 songs would stick to people’s heart and ears.

According to Deepak, “Kali Kali”, the title track from one of his albums, help him establish himself as on of the successful artists in Nepal.   He says, “I feel happy when I hear my first recorded song “ Chodi Gaye Priya” back from 20 years in the radio.  I feel happier than when I hear other songs in the radio.”

Deepak said that he has already started planning his album promotion tour in the entire country with concerts in various major cities.  Deepak who loves kids very much has also been trying to organize a concert in “BalMandir.” BalMandir is one of the biggest no-profit orphanage in Nepal.   He has plans to start the album promotion tour starting the first week of February, 2011.  The distributor for the new album is “Rise Music”, which includes the lyrics from James Pradhan, Mira Shah, Anit Singh, Bhupendra Bajracharya, Anil Singh and Kusum Khadka.  James Pradhan and Bhupendra Bajrachary are the music composers for his new album.


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