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Deepak Bajracharya

Ambasador for Visit Nepal 2011

Pop singer Deepak Bajracharya has be crowned with the responsibility and position of the Ambassador for Visit Nepal 2011. Deepak was declared as the Visit Nepal Year 2011 Ambassador by the Office of the Secretary of “Visit Nepal 2001”, and Nepal Tourism Board during a function organized in the capital city, Kathmandu.
Deepak, who has been in the music industry since a very long time has been to different countries all over the word giving his audience a taste of Nepalese music and culture through his music. So, with a mission to bring in at least 1 million tourists to Nepal, the Tourism Board of the Nepal government declared Deepak Bajracharya as an Ambassador for the Visit Nepal Year 2011.

Prachanda Man Shrestha, the Chief Executive Director of the Tourism board presented Deepak with the official certificate and declared him an Ambassador. Prachanda believes that Deepak could successfully relay the message of “Visit Nepal Year 2011” in different foreign nations with the help of his music.

Prachanda wants to invite all foreign tourists through Deepak and also promises to provide them with a great environment during their visit to Nepal in the year 2011. Deepak stated that he had been to the United state in 6 different concert tours in the program. Deepak also said that he was flying to United States on March 27 with different programs for the concert. Deepak also said that he has organized programs in 13 different cities, where he would advertise the “Visit Nepal Year 2011” through his music and various other programs.


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