NewsPaper: Kantipur

Deepak’s concert in Rangasala Stadium (May 15, 2003) From the very inception of his school days, Deepak Bajracharya never realized that he was hooked and spell bound after he started learning music.... Read more

NewsPaper: Nagariknews

Album after 6 years: Artist, Deepak Bajracharya, has released a new album after 6 years.  After his last album “Jhumi Jhumi”,  Deepak has resurfaced again with his newly released 8th album “On... Read more

NewsPaper: Rajdhani

Deepak Bajracharya Ambasador for Visit Nepal 2011 Pop singer Deepak Bajracharya has be crowned with the responsibility and position of the Ambassador for Visit Nepal 2011. Deepak was declared as the... Read more

NewsPaper: Nagarik News

Balmandir Dances with Deepak Kathmandu, February 12 – Music could be heard in air around Balmandir on Saturday. Singer Deepak Bajracharya covered the wall and compounds of Balmandir with Music.... Read more

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